Portrait Parties



A Portrait Party is a special event that happens four times a year. Usually one Portrait party per season. They are a one day event built around a specific theme to provide unique portraits for families, children, seniors, etc.

The way a Portrait Party works:

The Party and theme is announced prior to the date of the event. The day of photography is separated into 30 minute time slots. We find a time slot that works for the client on that day, then the client shows up at their appointed time. We spend the half-hour photographing and then a few weeks later the client is then granted access to a password-protected, online gallery. Once logged in to the gallery your 10-15 image files along with a letter stating printing rights are available for digital download. It's a simple and easy way to acquire professional photos.

Do I have to order prints from Simply Pictorial?

No, you do not have to order prints from us. Each client receives their CD of files and letter stating that I give you printing rights to the files. If you would like to order professionally printed images, I will take orders but it is not required.

How many images will I get?

10-15 images. NOTE: The number will be announced with the details of the party.

How many people can I bring?

The party details determine if their is a limit to the number of subjects. Usually the parties are outside so we can photograph a large group, there may be parties where only smaller groups are allowed.

What is an Image Download?

10-15 Image Downloads are included with your Portrait Party Fee. After each Portrait Party a gallery will be created under your name. This gallery is accessible through our website and is password protected. You will be able to enter this gallery for a limited time and then download your files directly on to your computer. Note: It is illegal to copy, sell, duplicate or re-distribute these files. 

How long will it take until my gallery is created?

The waiting period for the Portrait Party Galleries will vary, all depending on the season. The galleries will be ready for you to view anywhere between 1-2 weeks.

Do I get to pick my images?

No. For this special I pick out the best 10-15 images, edit them, and send them to you. If you wish to have proofing options please contact me about a private session.

What is the fee?

The fee varies depending on the details and location. The fee of each party will be determined when the party is announced.

Where can I find out about the parties?

There are several different ways you can find out about the parties! You can always check here on the website, visit our blog, our Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, you can email us, or simply call 717.269.5988